Las Delicias From My Country


ATLANTA—The Farmers Market in Buford Highway is certainly different than any other marketplace in Atlanta.  First, people shop inside the building. Second, the score is as huge as department stores like Walmart or Kroger. Third, it offers original products from all over the world. The uniqueness of this place welcomes people from all backgrounds to shop in the store, especially folks from the Hispanic community. (Photograph by Miguel Santiesteban)
ATLANTA—Sonia Suarez Alonso from Spain is a regular customer at the Buford Highway Farmers Market. She said she thinks this marketplace is the best choice to grocery shop in the city because of the variety of products the store offers and the good conditions they are kept in. “People should definitely come here because everything is so yummy and well taken care of,” Suarez Alonso said. “They can really expand their minds and come up new recipes.” (Photograph by Miguel Santiesteban)
ATLANTA— Variety is one of the most fascinating aspects about the store. You can find products you will not be able to get in a normal grocery shop. For example, aisle one is all about tortillas and flour. However, you can find different brands of the same product made in the South American country of your preference. Hispanics love this because they can get the original product from their home country. (Photograph by Miguel Santiesteban)
ATLANTA— Grocery shopping is always easier when you take a list to the store. Eduardo Moreno said his wife sends him to the farmers market every Sunday to get food for the family. Moreno said the store’s products make him feel like he is back in Dominican Republic because he can actually find food originally from his country. However, a man always needs help when he grocery shops alone and that is why his wife writes him a list. (Photograph by Miguel Santiesteban
ATLANTA—Found it! Moreno’s top of the list was Red Bell Peppers. These peppers are grown in Mexico, the country his wife is from. The interesting fact is that farmers market offers this type of peppers grown not only in Mexico but also in countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and many others. (Photograph by Miguel Santiesteban
ATLANTA—The Buford Highway Farmers Market is known for the freshness of its products. The “Tomatillo” or husk tomato is cultivated in Mexico. Most products from the store are cultivated in a foreign country, which requires the market’s staff to keep only the freshest products out for sale. (Photograph by Miguel Santiesteban)
ATLANTA—This farmers market is more than just tortillas, vegetables, and fruit. The store also offers exotic foods. Again, the variety of this marketplace is never-ending. (Photograph by Miguel Santiesteban)
ATLANTA—Roza Hertz, a store employee from Israel, said Hispanics really like eating these goodies while they shop. “People just love it here,” Hertz said. “They say these pastries taste like the ones back in their countries.” (Photograph by Miguel Santiesteban)
ATLANTA— If pastries don’t satisfy your sweet tooth, the farmers market has a candy aisle featuring some of Latinos’ favorite candy. Los niños love coming to shop with their parents, and the kids says this is their favorite aisle. Los niños favor “Mini Jumb Cereza” over the traditional lollipop. (Photograph by Miguel Santiesteban)


ATLANTA—Grocery shopping is a family affair in the Hispanic community back home. The Buford Highway Farmers Market provides a venue for Hispanics to come together like they would at home. February is the month of love in America, but this family friendly marketplace brings out the best smiles in everyone all year.  (Photograph by Miguel Santiesteban)

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