Watching Your Child Grow Through McKenna Farms

DALLAS, Ga. – Ami Clotfelter and her husband have seen their son overcome many challenges as a result of receiving therapy at McKenna Farms.

“A lot of the improvement is from doing things here because we didn’t know where to start,” Ami Clotfelter said, “So a lot of it has been talking to the therapists here and they are phenomenal. I can text them questions anytime and they’ll say ‘hey try this or do that!’ He’s come a long way, he’s a different kid.”

The Clotfelters adopted Marcus when he was barely a year old. He was born three weeks premature and was diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Marcus was on a feeding tube when he came home for the first time and could barely hold his head up. The doctors told the Clotfelters that Marcus would most likely never be able to walk, talk, or eat on his own.

Marcus started attending therapy session two years ago at McKenna Farms. He comes to the farm once a week for speech, physical, and occupational therapy.

Today, at almost 3 years old, Marcus is walking, talking, and feeding himself. His speech is still a little delayed, he wears braces on his ankles and has asthma, but his improvement has been amazing.


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