Bright Lights, Big Stage

By Donovan McKelvey

ATLANTA – Atlanta Hip-Hop Artist, Jaye Newton, kicks off his performance at The Masquerade on February 4, 2018 with his single “Waltz with Me”. Newton goes on to say that the lights were green for this song’s performance because that is the color he sees when this song is played. (Photograph by Donovan McKelvey)
ATLANTA – Newton smiles as the crowd sings along to “Waltz with Me” during the chorus. This is one of many shows, Jaye Newton has performed at The Masquerade with this one being one of his biggest crowds yet. (Photograph by Donovan McKelvey)
ATLANTA – Jaye Newton engages and embraces the crowd one last time before “Waltz with Me” ends. Newton has full control of the crowd as you can see all eyes are on him. Newton is met with smiles from multiple fans in the crowd. Newton commands the attention of the audience with a performance of his biggest songs.   (Photograph by Donovan McKelvey)
ATLANTA – Jaye Newton sings the chorus to “Liquid Courage”, another crowd favorite off of Jaye Newton’s newest project, “Real Men Wear Pink”, which is a mixtape he dropped in 2017 during the month of September. (Photograph by Donovan McKelvey)
ATLANTA – Jaye Newton raps “In The Mood”, a hit and another crowd favorite from his last project “A Quarter Til Nine”. “In The Mood” features a verse from another up and coming Atlanta Hip-Hop artist, Michael Aristotle. (Photograph by Donovan McKelvey)
ATLANTA – Jaye Newton closes out the first part of his performance by bringing out Michael Aristotle to perform his guest verse on “In The Mood”. The crowd was very excited to see Michael Aristotle perform his verse. (Photograph by Donovan McKelvey)
ATLANTA – Jaye Newton gets back on stage to do part two of the show after a brief intermission. Newton switches out his striped shirt and overalls for more of an urban and street look for the second part of the show. (Photograph by Donovan McKelvey)
ATLANTA – Jaye Newton kicks off the second part of the show by performing “Quit Frontin”. “Quit Frontin” is a song about Jaye Newton’s relentless pursuit of a love interest from the friend zone. Jaye’s performance of this song captivates the crowd. (Photograph by Donovan McKelvey)
ATLANTA – Jaye Newton sings the chorus of “Quit Frontin” as the crowd looks on paying attention to Newton’s crisp vocals. “Can you stop that fronting and just show me something?” is what Jaye Newton sings on the chorus. (Photograph by Donovan McKelvey)
ATLANTA – Jaye Newton performs “Bobby” under the intense red lights as his DJ, DJ Cleotrvppv (pronounced Cleotrappa) looks on. “Bobby” was a huge song off of his last project and definitely another crowd favorite during his performance. (Photograph by Donovan McKelvey)
ATLANTA – Jaye Newton ends off the second act of his show with his song, “Days Like This”. Newton brings members of the crowd and his friends on stage to close off the show with him and tells everyone in the building to put their hands in the air. (Photograph by Donovan McKelvey)
ATLANTA – Jaye Newton ends off his show at The Masquerade on stage with both friends and fans doing a famous dance called the “Milly Rock”. “I have the best Milly Rock in the Game, so I wanted to showcase it at the end of a great show.” Said Jaye Newton. (Photograph by Donovan McKelvey)

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