Family Battles Closure of Augusta Facility for Developmentally Disabled

By Devin Johnson


DSC_2099AUGUSTA, Ga.— (Left to Right) Co-President Theresa Senior, Komala Balakrishnan / Treasurer and President Ann Knighton of Protectdid (The developmental and Intellectual disability coalition) hosted a public meeting located in the Augusta-Richmond County Library. (Photo by Devin Johnson)

Picture1AUGUSTA, Ga. – East Central Hospital (Gracewood) is one the many hospitals that will down under the 2010 settlement agreement. The agreement will require the state of Georgia to move out 150 developmentally disabled patients per year into community placement (Photo by Devin Johnson /file staff).

DSC_2141AUGUSTA, GA. – Affiliates of Proctedid and family members of patients at Gracewood, came together to voice their outrage of the state closing down the facility (Photo by Devin Johnson).

DSC_2158AUGUSTA, Ga.—Their mission of the organization is to protect the choice and quality service levels for people who are developmentally disabled. The members of Protectdid handed out flyers to the citizens listening in, on how they could get involved with keeping the hospital open (Photo by Devin Johnson).

DSC_2167AUGUSTA, Ga.— Battling a sore throat, Komala Balakrishnan was louder than usual when speaking on the behalf of the troubles she has with her son. She states Gracewood Elementary has helped him tremendously make improvements (Photo by Devin Johnson).

DSC_2143AUGUSTA, Ga.- Concerned people in the community listen to people’s stories on about their experiences with the improvements their loved ones made at Gracewood. (Photo by Devin Johnson).

DSC_2180AUGUSTA, Ga.– The Members of Protectdid listen to the stories of others who have family that is being affected by the closure of East Central Georgia Regional Center. (Photo by Devin Johnson)

DSC_2114AUGUSTA, Ga. – (From left to right) Retired Veteran Willie Jackson and Brandon Bachelor reading about the upcoming events the organization are attending to fight for the mentality disabled. (Photo by Devin Johnson)

DSC_2117AUGUSTA, Ga.— Protecetdid President Ann Knighton, says that they are the voice of the people who don’t have a voice. She wants to encourage the members of the community to stand behind them and help those who suffer from a mental disability. (Photo by Devin Johnson)

DSC_2150AUGUSTA, Ga. – Rev Christopher Johnson gives his input on the closing to rally the followers. “Our family matter, our children’s even though to other people it doesn’t seem like it,” said Rev. Johnson (Photo by Devin Johnson)

DSC_2175AUGUSTA, Ga.— Before stepping to the podium, Theresa Senior, 79, flips through articles and pictures of the improvements her daughter Terral has made at Gracewood (Photo By Devin Johnson)

DSC_2163AUGUSTA, Ga. – “Before Terral became a patient at Gracewood, she would have 50 grand mal seizures a day,” said Senior. Ever since she started treatment, her seizures have stopped.” (Photo by Devin Johnson)

DSC_2100AUGUSTA, Ga. – Visit To get involved with the organization (Photo by Devin Johnson).


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