Mother Daughter CrossFit Duo

By: Autumn Johnson

Picture1.pngKENNESAW, Ga— Val Lewis, 47, is a breast cancer survivor. Lewis recently celebrated her fifth-year anniversary of defeating cancer. For the past year, she has been committed member at CrossFit Kennesaw to gain strength and confidence. CrossFit is a workout that has a variety of functional movements performed at high intensity level. These movements reflect the best aspect of gymnastics, weightlifting, running and more.  (Photo by Autumn Johnson).




KENNESAW, GA— CrossFit allows Val Lewis to feel like a Warrior; however, some days her fatigue from cancer catches up with Lewis. This forces Lewis to take workouts slow and steady. (Photo by Autumn Johnson).




KENNESAW, Ga— “Even though the fight is over, I still have to battle with muscle stiffness because of the surgeries,” said Lewis. “Some days, like today, I have to take it light and stay away from the weights. I have to listen to my body.” (Photo by Autumn Johnson).




KENNESAW, Ga— Tough days due to muscle stiffness is discouraging to Val Lewis, but she always remains positive to find a way to push through her workouts. Instead of heavyweights and a vigorous workout, Lewis alters her workouts to a moderate version. (Photo by Autumn Johnson).


6.pngKENNESAW, Ga— Val Lewis also thanks her daughter Faith Lewis, 23, for joining her in CrossFit for support. Both of them have gained a love for CrossFit. It is an activity they can do together as mother and daughter. (Photo by Autumn Johnson).



KENNESAW, Ga— Faith Lewis is a former gymnast, cheerleader and cross-country runner. Since joining CrossFit Kennesaw, Faith Lewis believes she is faster and stronger than ever. (Photo by Autumn Johnson).



KENNESAW, Ga— Faith Lewis likes to incorporate a lot of endurance exercises in her workouts. Enhancing her endurance has helped advance her skills in gymnastics. The gymnastic aspect of Crossfit is very important to her, and Faith Lewis hopes to compete at a national level in the future. (Photo by Autumn Johnson).


9.pngKENNESAW, Ga— Unfortunately, she is parting ways with her mom, Val Lewis, this summer so she can study Arabic and help refugees in the Middle East. Faith Lewis is excited about the journey but said she will have to leave her mom. (Photo by Autumn Johnson).


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