Brazilian Jujitsu in Kennesaw

By Rebecca Washney


KENNESAW, Ga.—Striker Fight Center is a mixed martial arts studio located in Kennesaw that teaches Muay Thai, Kali, boxing, Judo, Wing Chun and Brazilian jujitsu. (Photo by Rebecca Washney)


KENNESAW, Ga.—The Brazilian jujitsu instructor, Juan Guevara is a former professional Mixed Martial Artist who has trained with the founder of Brazilian jujitsu himself, Helio Gracie. Guevara’s philosophy is focused not only on developing members martial art skills, but also developing their work ethic. (Photo by Rebecca Washney)


KENNESAW, Ga.—”Do not give up when it’s hard because that’s what you’ll carry over into your life,” Guevara said. “Life is going to kick your ass every day, and you can either take it or learn to fight back.” (Photo by Rebecca Washney)


KENNESAW, Ga—Brazilian jujitsu, also known as Gracie jujitsu, is a fairly new practice evolving from Japanese jujutsu and Judo in the late 1800s. It is a type of grappling done mostly on the ground, a trait that earned sparring sessions the nickname “rolling.” (Photo by Rebecca Washney)


KENNESAW, Ga.— In one of Guevara’s sessions at Striker Fight Center, students spend time working on various grappling techniques repeatedly to get the motions down. First, they work one-on-one with a teammate and then they move on to different opponents. (Photo by Rebecca Washney)


KENNESAW, Ga.—After 30 minutes of repetitions, students follow up with drills to put the techniques they have been practicing into action. Lower ranking white belts will drill against the higher-ranking color belts such as blue or purple. (Photo by Rebecca Washney)


KENNESAW, Ga.—”You want to get your ass kicked by these guys [color belts],” Guevara said. “Because you’re looking at you in the future.” (Photo by Rebecca Washney)


KENNESAW, Ga.—The session wraps up with open sparring, allowing anyone to challenge anyone to get hands-on experience, incorporating their lessons into actual grappling. (Photo by Rebecca Washney)


KENNESAW, Ga.—”It’s not only about becoming a more well-rounded martial artist for me,” said Sebastian Smith, a mixed martial artist and new Brazilian jujitsu student. “It’s also a mental thing, to fight on the floor and learn to solve that living puzzle to get out of a hold. It’s about developing a new mental toughness and quick thinking.” (Photo by Rebecca Washney)


KENNESAW, Ga.—Each session helps develop new skills, polish old skills and prepare students for their next competition and life. (Photo by Rebecca Washney)


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