Recycling Solvents One Gallon at a Time


A steel drum filled with recycled solvent at IHSolve’s warehouse. (Photo by Rachael Cushard)

CANTON, Ga. — “We were among the first to recycle flexographic solvents in the USA. With numerous patents under our belt, IHSolve Inc. has become the most efficient, safety conscious automated recycler of photopolymer solvents,” said Mike Mabry, president of IHSolve.

As a pioneer in the flexographic solvent recovery industry, IHS has been providing businesses around the world economical solvent recycling solutions since 1996.  Flexographic printing is the ink that is placed on most consumer products, such as Lay’s potato chips. One of their clients, Printpack, produces 4 million potato chip bags daily.

Recycling with IHSolve creates financial and environmental benefits. Even wealthy corporations are always looking for ways to keep their costs from rising to operate more profitably. It also reduces chemicals so that they are not disposed of in our environment. It’s a very green product that preserves the environment by reducing chemical production.

IHSolve is a small corporation that specializes in the recycling of solvents produced from flexographic printing. The warehouse builds state of the art equipment to help their clients reduce production costs and eliminate excess chemical waste. Customers can choose to purchase the machinery to have onsite at their business location or transport the chemical waste to IHSolve for the solvent to be reusable once more.

“We are very different from any manufacturing company that manufactures a similar product. I’ve Googled many companies that manufacture equipment similar to ours, and we stand out because we are the most automated solid distillation system in the world. Most of the competitors are manual and require an operator to function. The technology we install on our equipment is not found on any other pieces of equipment in the entire world,” said Mabry.

Some of the machines have the capability to power on, process liquids and power off. However, all of IHSolve’s machines are able to be controlled remotely through internet access. Changes and updates can be made within seconds. “We’re the only company with the distillation system available to be controlled through the internet via myself or my clients,” Mabry stated. “If servicing cannot be provided remotely, clients can request technicians to provide physical maintenance.”

In addition to remote access of their machines, Mabry invests in only the best for his company and his clients. Some of IHSolve’s more familiar clients are:  International Paper, Bemis, DuPont, Dermis Corp., and Flint Corp.

“My desire has always been to have the best piece of equipment in the entire world. I look at all the details, and we choose the very best equipment and the best parts, including stainless steel. We invest in the technology that’s made available today,” explained Mabry. He has been awarded several patents for all of his machinery blueprints.

The solvent usually sells for $20 per gallon. Most clients have a $20,000 budget per day. The return on that investment would be 990 recycled gallons from a purchase of 1,000 gallons.

IHSolve recovery rates have been recorded as high as 99% of the recyclable methods, while other methods by industry competitors result in only about 70% of the solvent recovery. Solvent solution is extremely expensive. Clients are able to notice results within just a few weeks of using the recycling machinery.

Businesses in the flexographic printing industry can keep a greener wallet and environment by reducing and recycling their solvent waste. IHSolve offers unmatched automation, guaranteed results and safe recycling of those costly printing chemicals. It’s been proven for over 30 years that IHSovle can accommodate all of your recovery efforts one gallon at a time.


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