Atlanta Moving Company Strives for a Stress Less Move


IMG_6269MARIETTA, Ga.- Atlanta Home Movers LLC is a moving company based out of Marietta. Their slogan is “Your Stress Less Move.” Atlanta Home Movers LLC is owned by Jon-Michael Nardiello. (Photo by Chelsea Beale)

IMG_6267MARIETTA, Ga.- When a client is ready to move from an old home to a new home they call Atlanta Home Movers LLC to help them with their move. Atlanta Home Movers LLC primary object is to safely and quickly move household belongings to and from approved residential and commercial locations. (Photo by Chelsea Beale)


MARIETTA, Ga.- In order for a customer to have excellent service, the professional movers go over with the client what needs to be moved. The professionals also establish a verbal contract saying they are not responsible for any damaged items that were not wrapped or boxed. (Photo by Chelsea Beale)


MARIETTA, Ga- “We found Atlanta Home Movers through our neighbors,” Kimberly Plug said. “They spoke very highly of the company and we asked if we should use their services and they told us absolutely.” (Photo by Chelsea Beale)


MARIETTA, Ga.- Once the professional movers and customers agree to the contract and establish what needs to be moved, the movers get to work. On an average move, it takes around six to eight hours to finish. (Photo by Chelsea Beale)



MARIETTA, Ga.- The customer is responsible for packing everything in their house that they want to be moved. Atlanta Home Movers LLC does not perform in-house packing services, nor do they provide supplies to pack your household items. (Photo by Chelsea Beale)


MARIETTA, Ga.- When the professional movers arrive at the home, the customers have their household items packed and ready to be moved. The customer will write on the box the place they want the box to go and if the box is fragile in order to help the movers work more efficiently. (Photo by Chelsea Beale)


MARIETTA, Ga.- The company owned moving trucks are essential to a successful move. Without the trucks, the professionals would not have reliable transportation for the household items. The moving trucks have enough space for them to move a three to a four-bedroom house. In order to establish how many trucks are needed, Jon-Michael will ask the customer how many rooms are going to be moved. (Photo by Chelsea Beale)


MARIETTA, Ga.- In order for the household items to be moved safely and quickly, the movers must place them in the moving truck in a very specific order. The movers are specialists and have been trained to place the boxes in the safest manner. (Photo by Chelsea Beale


MARIETTA, Ga.- Adam Gibson (pictured) is the manager of Atlanta Home Movers LLC. He goes to every move during the week to make sure their clients’ possessions are safe and secure when finding their new home.  (Photo by Chelsea Beale)


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