Movie Theaters Losing Audience Attendance to Streaming Services

What once was considered a “picture palace” in the 1930s has drastically lost its
popularity over the decades.

The entertaining pastime that once would cost attendees less than $1 for a movie ticket is now reaching climbing prices that may make it cheaper to buy online monthly fee streaming services instead.

William Castle was known for many achievements, one being the provider of gimmicks
used in theatres to enhance the viewing experience and increase movie ticket sales, which has now been overtaken by the popular growing technology developments. The technology advances over the years have impacted the way people view their media, which has played a role in the dropping moviegoer ratings.

“2017 was the worst year for movie ticket sales in the US in over two decades,” Jacob Siegal said.

According to The Motley Fool, ticket sales have been in a steady decline since 2002. Domestic theater admissions fell from 1.6 billion to a 1.24 billion in 2017 making it the lowest in 25 years.

Popular streaming services Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime allows viewers to join their
network by charging a fee once a month. Viewers can test this first by requesting a free month trial. Netflix provides not only shows and movies that have aired but also produce their own. Hulu even gives students an account for free when the link it to their Spotify account.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a weak economy and cheap home entertainment options have eroded theatrical admissions at the margins. Rather than go to the movies, people can pop their own popcorn and lay in bed with their pajamas on to watch an endless amount of movies of various genres at any time they like.

Amazon Prime also allows their viewers the ability to instantly watch the shows provided through their service. These subscriptions allow one to view from multiple different platforms as well as in the comfort of their home without the audience. Rather than watch a new release the day it comes out, many have the option to choose to wait until it is provided on the streaming platforms.

Flor Moller, age 24, uses the streaming service Netflix. He enjoys going to the movie
theatre when a new release comes out that intrigues him, but he goes to the movies on average about once a month.

“I watch Netflix because they have shows that are entertaining to me and that I like.” Moller said, “I do not like to go to the movies because they are too expensive.”

A feature movie theaters offers have recently gained attention is their MoviePass.
Similar to the fees on the streaming platforms, for less than $7 a month moviegoers can gain access to a movie every day of the month, with restrictions.

For movie theatres to gain attention again, theaters need to do a better job at sparking excitement for new movies. A financially stunning movie may benefit movie theatres, but it does not make up for the profit loss that has occurred over the decades. What will become of movie theatres over the next decade? Technology advances over time will be the predictor of that.


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