Mayor Thurman looks to continue improvement of Powder Springs


POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. – Since being elected in 2015, Mayor Al Thurman continues to find more ways to improve the city of Powder Springs to make it a bigger city and a flourishing tourist attraction for those visiting the Cobb County area.

Mayor Al Thurman gave a State of the City address to those in attendance through the Kiwanis of Greater South Cobb. Thurman started his address thanking the Powder Springs community as well as Cobb County as a whole for their support since the start of his term.

“This road hasn’t been an easy one at all,” said Mayor Thurman during his State of the City Address, “I am very humbled and grateful of the continued support I have received from the community.”

Mayor Thurman gives his address to the Kiwanis of Greater South Cobb.

On December 1, 2015, Thurman won in a run-off election against Powder Springs councilman Chris Wizner to become the first African-American mayor to ever be elected in Cobb County. Since being elected, Mayor Thurman has reportedly had capital improvement approvals of over $18 million dollars, money mostly going towards helping rebuild the city of Powder Springs, something Mayor Thurman used as the focus of his campaign and stated that he would focus on if elected.

“Thurman knows what he’s doing, and it shows,” said Powder Springs citizen and attendee of the State of the City address, Jessica K. Anderson, “For him to step in and do what he set out to do during his campaign is just outright impressive and builds a community trust in him.”

The $18 million dollars reported that Mayor Thurman has allocated towards helping further develop the city of Powder Springs has been spread out through multiple outlets. $2 million dollars was allocated towards Powder Springs Downtown Development Authority (DDA) in order to help redevelop Downtown Powder Springs.

Mayor Thurman detailed during his State of the City address that he would like to use the linking of the Silver Comet Trail to the city of Powder Springs as a potential tourist attraction and eventually an overall must-see destination for Georgia tourists.

Mayor Thurman says his next big objective to help rebuild Powder Springs is to get demolition approved to build a new Powder Springs City Park. The Powder Springs City park would include a community development building, a pool-like splash pad area, playground as well as an open green area.

“A city park is definitely something good to give us as a community to look forward to,” said Powder Springs citizen and State of the City address attendee Nick Brantley, “Family is very important to us here in Powder Springs so that would be great to add an additional place where we can enjoy family.”

Thurman stated the only hold up in approval would be the tax increase that citizens would incur due to the building of the park, but he believes the city of Powder Springs will get it done. If approved, Thurman stated that it would be announced through media outlets in the next few weeks.


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