Roswell City Council meeting shows appreciation to 911 centers


ROSWELL, Ga. – The city council showed appreciation to Roswell’s 911 services at the city council meeting on March 26 as part of the National Public Safety Telecommunications Week.

Mayor Lori Henry declared the week of April 8 would be recognized as the National Public Safety Telecommunications Week in Roswell. Henry asked everyone to stand and give a round of applause to the 911 employees.

Henry says the professional work done by the 911 center helps make citizens safe and helps make first responders safe by giving them important information.

Police chief Rusty Grant took the floor to say a few words about the improvements of the 911 center.

“Let me begin by saying, when I came to the Roswell Police Department five and a half years ago, what I found was that the Roswell 911 was not at the same standards that the police department was,” says Grant. “The one thing we always had was good people, and if it wasn’t for the fantastic employees that within the 911 center, we would have had some serious issues.”

Grant says last week the 911 center became accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). Roswell is only the eighth 911 center in the state to be accredited by CALEA.

“This isn’t your grandfather’s 911 center anymore,” says Grant. “They’re really state of the art.”

Keeping the theme of appreciation, Suzanne Henderson and Tad Henderson took the floor to give a $25,000 donation to the Roswell Police Department. Natalie Henderson, the daughter of Tad Henderson and Suzanne Henderson, and Carter Davis were murdered in 2017. Grant says although the crime shook the community of Roswell, it created a relationship between the Henderson family and the Roswell Police Department.

“Our family can’t begin to thank the Roswell Police Department for their extraordinary work in Natalie and Carter’s case,” Suzanne Henderson says. “Everything from their compassion with us, their timely communication, and just their exceptional diligence on the case… they’re truly the ultimate professionals.”

The meeting moved into the discussion of land acquisitions, starting with the Oxbo Road Realignment Project.

Director of Transportation Steve Acenbrak took the floor to say the city is planning on buying two tenths of an acre off of Atlanta Highway for $380,000. The land will be used to build a new intersection.

Mayor Henry opened the floor to the citizens for comments, and Janet Russell took the opportunity to voice her concern about the Oxbo Road land acquisition. Russell is concerned about how much money the city is spending to acquire mere acres of land.

“Every time I come to one of these meetings we’re acquiring,” Russell says. “$240,000 for the house on Pleasant Hill, $265,000 for the next house, $380,000 for two tenths of one acre, $3 million for the hardware store, is there any limit to this?”

Russell is concerned Director of Transportation Acenbrak is being given to much money to fund his department’s projects. Russell says the city should be able to negotiate better prices for the land they acquire for the Oxbo Road Realignment Project. “He could ask for $20 million, as long as the word transportation is attached, everybody says go for it.”

After finishing the Oxbo Road agenda item, Mayor Henry called to end the city council meeting.


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