Jaye Newton prepares upcoming album release


Following his eight months hiatus, Jaye Newton officially announces that he has a new project on the way and is almost done with the recording process for a new album. This will be the official follow up project to his last release back in September “Real Men Wear Pink”.

KENNESAW, Ga. – Georgia born and raised rapper Jaye Newton has officially announced that a new album is coming soon.

The title of the new project has not been formally released by Jaye Newton or his production team, but the album is in the final stages of the recording process and will be released from his label soon.

“The new project is definitely on the way and almost ready for all to enjoy,” Jaye Newton said.

The project will come after what Jaye Newton calls his most successful project up to date “Real Men Wear Pink”.

“The last project ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ was definitely my most successful one I felt I ever released just because of all of the love from the people and the press,” said Newton.

“Real Men Wear Pink”

The new project will be the follow-up album to “Real Men Wear Pink”. “Real Men Wear Pink” contained 14 new tracks, including standout singles “Shoot Your Shot” and “Salsa Witcha Mama”, from Newton and featured production from Bossman and Jaque Beatz as well as features from J. Lights and Cleotrvppv. Upon release, “Real Men Wear Pink” received looks from powerhouse hip-hop publications like HotNewHipHopThe Source, and RapFest.

“Real Men Wear Pink” explored themes of relationships, breakups, falling in and out of love, hometown pride, adjusting to new success and preparing for more success to come.

Newton started touring for “Real Men Wear Pink” back in October and is still currently on tour for the last project while recording his new project. Newton has done shows for “Real Men Wear Pink” through concert platforms like A3Cand LiveNation during late 2017 and has more to come for summer 2018.

FullSizeR (16)
Jaye Newton in “Real Men Wear Pink” apparel before a performance. Photo by Donovan McKelvey.

“We got some big venues coming this summer for both ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ and the new project that Jaye’s getting ready to release so be on the lookout,” said Cayla Kole,  Jaye Newton’s official DJ, DJ Cleotrvppv.

Differences between the new project and “Real Men Wear Pink”

With the release of the new project, Newton is in hopes of building on the momentum gained with the “Real Men Wear Pink” release with a different approach.

“I think with the last project we tried to give people what we think they should hear through Jaye’s personal stories, but this time we went into this project wanting to also see what people wanted to hear,” said Sheldon McCarthy, one of Jaye Newton’s head producers.

“‘Real Men Wear Pink’ was me giving my truest, most honest self to the people which is why I wanted it to be just personally me and not so much what the people wanted to hear from me,” said Newton.

With their different approach to providing content on the new album, McCarthy and Newton have led focus groups for the project during the recording process to see what tracks people are enjoying more than others and how people view the project as a whole.

“It has definitely helped so far in all aspects, recording the vocals a different way, reorganizing the tracklist, my production of the project has gotten better because of these focus groups, so this was a great idea,” said McCarthy.

Production for the upcoming project

In the same vein as “Real Men Wear Pink”, the new project will still be mostly produced by McCarthy, who has been working with Newton for several years. They continue to work together and build upon a chemistry in hopes of reaching new heights with each new project they work on together.

“We both look up to Jay-Z and Kanye West, as a rapper-producer combo, and how dominant they were when they worked together heavily throughout their careers and me and Jaye not stopping until we reach or rise above that level of artistry,” said McCarthy.

“Chemistry is a huge thing in anything you do that involves a team, me and Bossman(McCarthy) we are really working on that every day as the better our chemistry is in the studio, the better our music will come out to people once released,” said Newton.

FullSizeR (17)
Jaye Newton (pictured left) and McCarthy(pictured right) in the studio working on the new album. Photo by Donovan McKelvey.

The upcoming project will give McCarthy another opportunity to provide his sound to the masses. While not giving away too many details about what the upcoming project will sound like as far as instrumentation, McCarthy and Jaye both agree that they have both expanded their sounds for this project in comparison to “Real Men Wear Pink”.

“This project is both of us adding new elements to our previous works as artists and making a totally better product because of it,” said Newton.

Potential release

The release of any new album that comes out today is a crucial key to success in the music industry. Promotion can make or break your album, no matter how good it may be musically, and this is a point of the album creating process that Newton has not overlooked.

“I think the promo to ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ went very well and directly correlates to why the project was so widely received in more markets than I have ever been in since I’ve started rapping,” said Newton.

The “Real Men Wear Pink” release included a tour with a mix of paid and free shows for fans, listening parties, and apparel from multiple clothing lines. While not detailing the exact release, Newton said that the release of his new album will be even better.

“The rollout will be one to remember to be honest because we are going to be more creative than ever with the project and everything that goes along with it,” said Newton.

Newton’s upcoming project is expected by the end of 2018.


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