KSUNewsNow is a student publishing site for the journalism classes in the School of Communication and Media at Kennesaw State University.

Our mission is to provide an avenue for students in the KSU Journalism program with an outlet to publish their work and share their creativity.

Our Faculty Adviser 

Dr. Matt J. Duffy teaches journalism, media ethics and international communication law at Kennesaw State University. He enjoys teaching the art of good journalism, a noble profession and powerful tool for social change. Duffy worked as a journalist for several news outlets including the Boston Herald and the Marietta Daily Journal.


Our Editor

Ciara Hodges is a senior studying journalism and emerging media at Kennesaw State University. Formerly, she worked as the news editor for The Sentinel, KSU’s student run newspaper, and she’s in the Music and Entertainment Business Program.



After graduating, Ciara wishes to use her journalism education to make her way into the world of entertainment to be a lifestyle personality. She hopes to land a job with E! News. Beyond that, Ciara hopes to get her ‘white hat’ from Olivia Pope & Associates. She eventually wants to work closely with the White House.

Our Founding Publisher

Dr. Carolyn S. Carlson is an associate professor of communication in the journalism and emerging media concentration at Kennesaw State University. Her main area of research focuses on the relationship between government public affairs officers and reporters, particularly the role that PAOs play in the interviewing and reporting process. She has been the subject of many news stories published by the New York Times, Washington Post and others.


She teaches the reporting and writing classes, the capstone course and media law. Dr. Carlson has a doctorate from Georgia State University in political science, focusing on political communication, and a master’s degree from Georgia State in urban affairs focusing on nonprofit administration. She earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Georgia. She taught journalism and political science at Georgia State University prior to joining the faculty at Kennesaw State.

Our University

Founded in 1963, Kennesaw State University has steadily grown to become a big-name school in the University System of Georgia.
The recent consolidation of Southern Polytechnic University–now referred to as the Marietta campus–and KSU, has brought enrollment at the school up to more than 32,000 undergraduate and graduate students representing 132 countries.

The Kennesaw campus of KSU is located just northwest of Atlanta in Cobb County near historic Kennesaw Mountain, allowing students to experience the best of Atlanta while enjoying the serenity of a 328-acre, beautifully landscaped pedestrian-friendly campus. The Marietta campus is situated only minutes south of Kennesaw’s, and offers new degree opportunities in areas such as engineering, computer sciences and architecture.

Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, KSU offers more than 100 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree programs including undergraduate degrees in education, health, business, the humanities, the arts, science and math. The university’s graduate degree programs include nursing, business, information systems, conflict management, public administration, education and professional writing. KSU’s expanding Ph.D. program currently offers a Doctorate of Education in Leadership for Learning, Doctorate of Business Administration and Doctorate of Nursing. (Courtesy of About KSU)

Our School  of Communication & Media

Effective Fall 2015, Kennesaw State University has recognized the Department of Communication as the School of Communication & Media. The School of Communication & Media at Kennesaw State University prepares its graduates to be effective, lifelong communicators, pro-active leaders, and scholarly practitioners who create, design, deliver, and interpret the meaning of the messages in interpersonal, organizational, and societal contexts. Our graduates will be prepared to actively contribute to the continuously evolving local and global communities while adapting to the constantly changing technological environment.

We offer courses that expose students to the art and science of communication and prepare them to achieve fulfilling careers in media, journalism, public relations, organizational communication and other communication areas. Our courses lead to a Bachelor of Science in Communication. (Courtesy of  About School of Communication)

Effective Spring 2017, the School of Communication and Media now offers a Bachelor of Science in  Journalism and Emerging Media.


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