Dermalogica Continues to put the ‘Fabulous’ in Facials

Dermalogica provides different skin treatments to target problem areas and promote healthy looking skin.

Precleanse Balm is Taking the Face by Oil


ATLANTA – The room is set to a comfortable temperature and the waves soundtrack is on as you climb into the bed. Your robe fits just right and the headband over your head, keeps your hair from out of your face. You are waiting on your skin expert to start your MicroZone Facial.

This is often the day-to-day that happens at Dermalogica which is located in Atlantic Station. Clients book their appointments ahead of time or walk in to get their skin treated. All services are performed in the Microzone pod; and the Atlanta Dermalogica location has one.

microzone pod
The Microzone Pod located inside Dermalogica. Photo by Ciara Hodges


Clients spend about 30 minutes to an hour and a half on average when they go to Dermalogica. Each visit includes the treatment session as well as a question and answer session with the assigned skin expert.

About Dermalogica

Dermalogica was founded in 1986 by Jane Wurwand. She was a trained skin care expert back in the United Kingdom, but when she arrived in Los Angeles, she realized America’s skincare standards weren’t up to par. So, she created a line of products, after starting up the International Dermal Institute, which is the school she founded in California.

Wurward created the product line after she couldn’t find any products she could stand behind that were already out on the market. Dermalogica has been around for 31 years and it’s still growing. The company has reached 80 countries and has over 100,000 certified skin experts.

What makes a facial?

There are different types of facials that are offered for different skin types. The facials tend to stay the same as in the step-by-step process, but the products used makes them different and unique. “I love being able to customize the facial to fit my client’s skin care needs,” lead skin expert Tia Cochran said.

Cochran has been with Dermalogica for four years and loves the product and knowledge she’s gotten along the way. With clients being their focal point, the skin experts at Dermalogica really tailor the facial to their needs.

“What facial products are you using right now,” is a question that’s always asked before planning a skin care regimen for the clients. When skin experts know all the current products being used by the client, it makes it easier for them to identify the problem areas that need to be targeted. It also helps with recommending the right products to ensure healthy looking skin.

Services provided by Dermalogica

Dermalogica offers several different facial options and treatments. The face mapping skin analysis is a service provided to help the client find skin care goals and provide the proper products to help reach them. The face mapping skin analysis is usually done, before clients dive into their facials or treatments.

Dermaloica offers two express treatments called: Facefit and Microzone. The Facefit treatment is a seasonal treatment that takes 10 minutes and offers the latest products for the skin. The Microzone treatment is a 20-minute service that is customized to target one area of skin concern for the client.

Dermalogica offers two signature treatments called: the Dermalogica Skin Treatment and the Bioactive Peel. The Dermalogica Skin Treatment is 60 minutes and includes a double cleansing regimen, exfoliation, masque and electric modalities.

The Bioactive Peel is a 45-minute service that uses chemicals to target uneven skin, breakouts and aging. Microdermabrasion is another 20-minute service that resurfaces the skin to give it a smooth texture.

Products offered at Dermalogica. Photo by Ciara Hodges

Where is Dermalogica offered?

“I love it when I have clients that keep up on their skin care routine,” esthetician Charlotte Heine said. Heine works for ULTA Beauty at the Kennesaw location and is a licensed esthetician. She’s been at the Kennesaw location for a few months and loves what she does.

Dermalogica services are offered at ULTA, La Vida, Massage Heights, Zen Massage and Hand & Stone. These are some of the national accounts Dermalogica has. It is also offered at smaller, private companies. The one rule is there must be a licensed esthetician at the location to administer the different services.

Products are also sold at most of these locations. The services offered range from $10 to $310. For return clients, special perks are offered to keep them coming back. Different locations offer different incentives.

Why choose Dermalogica?

Dermalogica was created to offer healthy skin for every skin type. Each product builds off the other and creates a nice skin care regimen. The skin experts are trained and are able to create the most effective regimen to help tackle the client’s skin concern or goal.

“The first time I got a Dermalogica skin treatment, I fell in love,” Victoria DeWoody said. She’s been getting facials done for about two years and uses a daily regimen.

“Clients must understand that when treatments are performed, depending on the time of the last one, blemishes can arise on the skin; but it typically goes away in one to two days,” Cochran said.

Clients should get a facial at least four times a year. It’s best to do it around each season change.


Precleanse Balm is Taking the Face by Oil


ATLANTA – It goes on like an oil. It’s really slippery and loose. Once you add water to it, it begins to turn into a milk-like substance. What was once a clear liquid being applied to the face, is now white in color and starts to strip the face of dirt, oils and makeup. This product belongs to the Precleanse family of Dermalogica products. The product is offered in a balm formula, which is ideal for people with dry skin and a liquid formula for people with normal or combination skin.

The Precleanse step in the Dermalogica skin care routine is the first step of the process and ensures that the skin will be given a great clean. The product goes above and beyond most makeup remover wipes. It really takes away the haul of the day and prepares the skin to open up and enjoy the cleaning process.

“I’ve been using this product way before I started working here,” lead skin expert Tia Cochran said. She’s been working with Dermalogica for four years and enjoys all of their products for her skin care needs as well as her clients.

The Precleanse balm starts off as a solid then turns into oil to wash away all of the impurities. It’s a great way to ensure that the skin looks healthy and glowing.

Dermalogica offers a wide variety of products for all skin types. This includes oily, dry and combination skin. Setting up a skin analysis with a skin expert will help recommend the best products to use for the skin.

“I just think Precleanse is a really great product that you can’t find anywhere else,” Cochran said.

Dermalogica has been offering beautiful skin to the greater Atlanta area and around the world for 31 years and it continues to grow. The products introduced continue to change the face of skincare.

The Georgia Theatre Continues to Serve the Community with Unmatched Talent

Megan Moroney Follows in the Footsteps of Her Music Inspirations

Despite a fire that nearly demolished the historic music venue, the renovated Georgia Theatre remains the hot spot for Athens residents to mingle, and for new and well-known music talent to come perform.


ATHENS, Ga. — The Georgia Theatre serves as a live music and event space for anyone to come and enjoy.

The building was built in 1935 as a movie theatre and opened as a music venue in 1978, serving the community in various ways since then.

georgia theatre
The front of the Georgia Theatre located in the heart of downtown Athens, Ga.
Photo by Elle Nauta

Theatre’s Functions

People from all over the country come visit the Georgia Theatre to see artists perform their music. The facility, located in the center of downtown Athens, has a capacity of just over 1,000 people, which makes for a more intimate setting.

When the building is not being used for showcasing incredible talent, the theatre also serves as a hangout spot and eatery with drink specials, food and live music on the rooftop.

University of Georgia fans utilize the theatre to watch the Georgia Bulldogs on large projection screens on game day, and the restaurant and bar on the roof is also open for the public from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Country Artist Megan Moroney

 Young musician and University of Georgia student Megan Moroney often utilized the theatre as a fun spot to hang out with her friends. Moroney has also been to several shows at the theatre.

“One of my favorite things is that you can go to any random show and most likely enjoy it, Moroney said. “The talent that the Georgia Theatre brings in is unmatched. The ticket prices are rarely expensive so it’s always easy and affordable to make a show.”

Megan Moroney and her dad performing on the patio of Mystic Grill in Covington, Ga.
Photo by Connor Moroney

However, the theatre became much more to her the first time she performed there as an opener for country artist Chase Rice.

“I had just been in the crowd a few weeks before and, when I found out I was playing there, I almost didn’t believe it,” said Moroney. “The Georgia Theatre is the biggest venue I have played so far and Chase sold the place out. It was a night that we will never forget.”

 Renowned Acts

 Countless thousands of acts have performed on its stage, and many bands would not be where they are today were it not for the Theatre.

Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, the Dave Matthews Band, Luke Bryan, and John Mayer are just a few of the many popular artists who have performed at the theatre.

Several influential music videos have been filmed at the Athens venue as well, including R.E.M.’s “Shiny Happy People” and John Mayer’s “No Such Thing.”

Regular Visitor

Music enthusiast Hannah Bagley has grown up going to shows at the theatre. She was raised in Buford, Ga., and often made trips to see shows in Athens with her family.

“My favorite shows I’ve seen at the Georgia Theatre are Umphreys McGee, Dave Matthews Band, and Portugal. The Man,” Bagley said.

Hannah Bagley dressed up as one of her favorite musicians on Halloween, Stevie Nicks
Photo by Elle Nauta

“What I love about the theatre is that it’s a pretty big venue compared to places like the Masquerade,” she said, referring to an Atlanta venue. “But it still has a very intimate vibe, which makes seeing shows there so awesome.”

The Fire

 The theatre was rebuilt in 2009 after a fire devastated the historic concert hall. The people of Athens came together and worked diligently to restore the theatre by 2011 and contributed to make it what it is today.

“When the theatre burned down in 2009 I remember it being a really big story because it’s such an icon for rock n roll,” said Bagley. “Zac Brown Band threw a benefit concert at The Fox to help raise money to cover the cost of damages from the fire.  But I love that the history behind it is still there. I really feel like it’s a landmark for rock music because it helped launch the careers of a lot of bands that started in Athens like R.E.M. and the B-52s.”

The Rebuild

 The venue is newly renovated with a state-of-the-art sound system, exceptional acoustics, two balconies, and a popular open-air roof area with a full bar and patio seating to seat more guests.

“They kept the charred brick walls that almost stand as a symbol of battle scars that the venue endured, and they kept the renovation as close to the original structure as possible by reusing what ever they could salvage,” said Bagley. “It’s renovated to look a lot like the original structure.”

Visitors of the Georgia Theatre must be 18 and up to attend a show at the theatre, and 21 and up to watch a Georgia game inside. Some events are free, but tickets for shows range anywhere from $5 to $30. Tickets, ticket prices, and the theatre’s show schedule and events can be accessed at


Megan Moroney Follows in the Footsteps of Her Music Inspirations


ATHENS, Ga. –- Young musician, Megan Moroney took her music career to the next level after opening the show for country artist, Chase Rice at the Georgia Theatre.

Performing at the Georgia Theatre was so special to Moroney because she was able to perform with her family, and sing on the same stage as her music inspirations, country music singer-songwriters Kacey Musgraves and Marren Morris.

“Her voice and style of playing reminds me a lot of Marren Morris,” said Abbey Coopenger, who attended the theatre the night Moroney performed.

As a singer and guitarist, Moroney has had the opportunity to perform at many different music venues locally in Athens and throughout the state. However, the performing at the Georgia Theatre is Moroney’s most memorable experience thus far.

“When I opened for Chase Rice at the Georgia Theatre, I played an acoustic set with my two guitar players that happen to my dad and my oldest brother,” Moroney said. “Just going through the process of playing at a place like that with my family was incredible — loading in, sound check, hanging out in the green room, signing the wall backstage, and watching the place clear out — all of it.”

 Moroney said she had never played for such a large crowd before. The Georgia Theatre, which holds 1,000, was sold out at the time of her performance and the atmosphere of playing there was life changing for her.

 “I still kind of don’t believe it, like I will ask myself when I look back at pictures, Did you really do that?” Moroney said. “Some of my biggest musical influences like Kacey Musgraves and Marren Morris have performed at the Georgia Theatre.”

Kacey Musgraves and Marren Morris are both popular country music stars and have influenced Moroney’s music career in a huge way.

Musgraves won two Grammy awards this year, one for Best Country Song for “Merry Go ‘Round,” and the other for Best Country Album. Morris also earned her first Grammy at the 59th Grammy Awards for Best Country Solo Performance for “My Church.”

The Georgia Theatre played a crucial role in both of these artists’ careers, both having the opportunity to perform at the theatre early in their journey to fame.

“They are huge artists in country music and Grammy winners living out their dream, and I was just a freshman that had a final the next day,” said Moroney. “Going into it, I knew that many respectable artists had taken that stage, so it put that much more pressure on me to perform.”

Seqouyah Chiefs High School Football Rally into Playoffs

Sequoyah Football Senior Receives Multiple College Offers

The Sequoyah Chiefs football team’s road to the playoffs was not a shoe-in. Through leadership and experience of upperclassmen, the Chiefs solidified its spot in the first round of the Georgia High School Association playoffs.


CANTON, Ga. —­ The field lights shined bright onto the football field at Sequoyah High School. Friday night lights was in full effect as the Sequoyah Chiefs football team marched its way into a dominant victory.

The Sequoyah Chiefs football program is currently at the fourth-place spot in its region, which is Region AAAAAA. The top four teams in each region receive a playoff berth and are placed in the Georgia High School Association playoff bracket. The Chiefs have had playoff teams the last several years, but a new offense, experience and attitude of the players this year is something one of the coaches feels sets this team apart.

“This year we switched back to the Wing-T Offense after going to the spread the past couple of years,” said Cole Cloer, an assistant coach for the Chiefs. “We’ve been able to move the ball efficiently, and we have an experienced defense. We also have some strong senior leadership on this team, and that has not been present the past couple of years.”

The Chiefs have scored 248 points against its opponents, while only giving up 150 points scored against them. Cloer says the new offense has given their team a spark and is allowing the team to score more quickly and efficiently.

“I think the difference in this year’s team and past teams is that this team is definitely more ‘team oriented’ than years past, meaning that they all depend on each other and nobody seems to be out to pad their own stats,” said Scott Lingerfelt, game day operations manager.

The Sequoyah Chiefs’ captains join arm in arm as they prepare for the coin toss against Allatoona High School. The Chiefs look to take home a region win and set its spot in playoffs. Photo by Dakota Hughes

Rollercoaster Ride to the Playoffs

The Chiefs opened its season with a 30-28 win over North Forsyth High School. The first three games of Sequoyah’s season were non-region games. Since those three games, the rest of the season has consisted of region games. The Chiefs carried the momentum from the start of the season and continued that with three back-to-back weeks of winning region games.

The season began to start shifting, however, for the Chiefs as the team lost the next three games, which were all region competitions. There was not only a shift in Sequoyah’s season, but also a shift in the team’s core objective.

“Our main goal was to win the region, but that goal will not be attainable this year,” Cloer said. “Our goal switched to making the playoffs, and to see what happens after that. Our motto is one heart, one team. It is something we break it down on every day, and something that we hope our kids really buy into.”

Win or Go Home

The Chief’s playoff hopes rested on one final regular-season game. Sprayberry High School hosted Sequoyah Friday night. Sprayberry came into the game at sixth place in its region, with a record of 2-5. In order for the Chiefs to solidify its fourth-place spot in region, the team needed to head home with a win. When the final whistle blew, the Sequoyah Chiefs came out on top, 38-28, sealing their spot in the first round of playoffs.

Sequoyah already had its playoff opponent in sight before the final regular-season game was decided. Mays High School will host the Chiefs in the first round since Mays is the higher seed.

“We understand that beating Mays will be a tough task, but we know that if we can beat them, we will be sitting pretty for the next round,” Cloer said. “The focus has to be on doing our job and not worrying about how good they might be. If we do our job every play, then we can play with anyone in the state.”

Athlete of the Month Leading Chiefs

Justin Lingerfelt, a senior for the Sequoyah Chiefs, has been a part of the football program since middle school. Lingerfelt plays both guard and linebacker for the Chiefs. According to MaxPreps, Lingerfelt ranks top five on the team in total tackles, tackles per game, solo tackles and assisted tackles.

For the month of October, Lingerfelt was selected as the Athlete of the Month at Sequoyah High School. What earned him this spot, according to his head coach James Teter, was not only his athletic ability but his leadership as well.

Justin Lingerfelt, 51, leads his team on the field for the first defensive series of the game. Lingerfelt collected 5 solo tackles and 3 assisted tackles on the night. Photo by Dakota Hughes

“Justin is a hard working young man that is one of the key leaders of our team,” Teter said. “Justin shows that he understands the true meaning of the word team by the way he always put the team first and ahead of any of his personal goals.

“He shows great leadership by always going out of his way to help the younger players learn their assignments.  He is a big part of why we are having the success we are this season. Justin is a true Sequoyah Chief.”

Justin also was named Defensive Player of the Week for the last week in October.